Saturday, May 09, 2009

Wittig Honored as 1000th Member of Climbing for Christ

Stacey Wittig was recognized as the thousandth new member of Climbing for Christ this week. She was awarded special prizes and gifts. The NY-based organization announced, "We praise God for the growing membership and pray that those who join Climbing For Christ will seek to serve the Lord through prayer, giving, and/or going."

The Christian organization of climbers and mountaineers announced the folowing list of new members in their monthly newsletter:

* Stacey Desrosiers of San Jose, Calif.
* Janine Diekmeijer of Groningen, Netherlands
* Brandy Everts of Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada
* Daniel Manahera of Jakarta, Indonesia
* Stacey Wittig of Munds Park, Ariz.

"We rejoice and offer thanks that all of these climbers have been moved by the Spirit to join us on this great adventure as we climb in His direction," added Gary Fallesen, President and founder of Climbing for Christ.

Wittig was thrilled to be recognized as the 1,000th member of the organization. "It was exciting to see my name listed with other new members from places like Groningen (Netherlands), Alberta and Jakarta," she said. Learn more at
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