Monday, February 22, 2010

7 secrets to successful promotion of Examiner

Have a website, but you aren't getting traffic? Here are seven secrets of internet marketing and email marketing to driving traffic to your website.

1.) Set up all your email accounts to populate an automatic signature at the bottom of each email. Then add a weblink to your website to the automatic signature. I use to shorten my URL (weblink) and get a count of how many people click-thru from my emails. ( gives you a cool report on click-thrus.) My automatic signature looks like this:

2.) Twitter Tip: As you can see from my email signature, I use Twitter and let all the people who get my emails know that I am on Twitter. That helps build my Twitter following. I Tweet three times through the day about info in my website and include a link to my website (again using I space the three tweets per article throughout the day. Click here to learn more about using Twitter:

3.) When interviewing someone, get their email address and Twitter name. They will love to see their name in print, so email them a link to your Examiner article. I always ask them to email it out to their customer or friend list. (Because they love others to see their name in print, too!) Do the same thing with Twitter, ask them to ReTweet the link to "their" article.

4.) If I have provided a link in my article to someone's website, I always ask for a link from their site to mine. That helps with SEO and getting a higher ranking on search engines.

5.) I set Twitter up to automatically populate my Facebook account. That way, I don't spend much time on Facebook, I let Twitter do all the work. I check my Facebook for messages and friend requests about twice a week.

6.) At the end of each article, I ask the reader to "subscribe" with this comment:
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7.) About once every 30 -45 days, I send a link to a funny or wide-appeal Examiner article that I have written to my personal email list of friends and family. I ask them to "Subscribe." I haven't gotten many subscribers, but people tell me that they enjoy the articles, so I am getting hits from the email marketing.

Stacey Wittig is a freelance writer and marketing consultant located in Flagstaff, AZ Shew writes for as "Phoenix Hiking Examiner" and "Grand Canyon Hiking Examiner." Enjoy this article? Receive e-mail alerts when new marketing articles are available. Just click on the “Subscribe” button above.

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