Thursday, November 19, 2009

New marketing tool for you business

Twitter users watch as a million lights illuminate Red Rock Fantasy in Sedona, AZ

Sedona, Arizona -- Los Abrigados Resort in Sedona hosted the Sedona Tweet Up tonight as a million points of light were turned on for the lighting of  "Red Rock Fantasy." About 30 social media-savvy innovators watched as Santa Claus arrived via helicopter.

You can bet that those tweople will be twittering about the gala to all their friends and family on Twitter and Facebook tonight and tomorrow. You can't BUY advertising that good! Word-of-mouth advertising is as good as it gets. That's what 1000s of customers told me when I was selling newspaper, Outdoor or Yellow Page advertising. Recommendations will drive traffic to your business faster than the printed (advertised) word. Much of the time, when a friend refers a potential client to your business, that potential client won't question price.  That's an added bonus.

So what lesson can be learned here? What is the new marketing tool for your business? To coincide with your next company event, invite your Twitter followers. Ask them to invite THEIR Twitter followers. Tell them to RT (re-tweet) your invitation. Call it a "Tweet Up." Offer appetizers, raffle prizes or free drinks.

Don't have an upcoming company event? Then plan one. It could be a little get together in the lobby, the lighting of a Christmas tree in the break room, an open house in the garage. Make it a "Tweet-up" and soon you'll be the talk of the town. Or the Tweet of the town...

BTW, you can see the awesome display of lights, and take photos like the one I captured above from now until January 2, 2010. 
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